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2015 Toronto Festival of Beer!

Beautiful weather screams beer, so off we went to the Toronto Festival of Beer. It was hot but the grounds had plenty of shade and lots to do.
The larger breweries all had their own patio and bands playing. It was great! Each one had their own sound, vibe and brew. Others had games and top 40 tunes to keep the crowd moving. Beer pong with garbage pails and volleyballs was a popular game this year. Makes me want to get some garbage pails for some summer fun!
There were so many kinds of beer, we didn't know where to start. We were at the Sleeman Media Lounge, so we started there. I got some Beechwood Smoked Lager and my friend tried Lift. The lager was supposed to taste like bacon, but the smokey flavours came right through. Lift is made with coconut water and my friend really liked it. It's light and refreshing. 
We couldn't resist some old

Summerlicious Adventure at Morgans

Morgans on the Danforth 1282 Danforth Ave Toronto, ON 416-461-3020
Looks small from the outside, but inside is surprisingly spacious. There was even a small patio with a few tables out front. Heading inside, a sheik pub atmosphere welcomed us for Summerlicious.
We were seated at the back on the upper level. We checked out the drink menu and I was impressed; they have a great variety of beer! There were many beers I'd never seen before and some usual suspects. They love sourcing locally, but they also embrace the lesser known imports. My aunt tried the Spirit Tree Pub Cider and I was going through Mill Street Organic withdrawals, so I had to have my

Luckyrice = Lucky Me

So, I randomly won tickets to this event on Monday and the event was on Wednesday. Holy short notice! I hadn't heard of the event until I entered the draw. It looked interesting so I was pumped when I won tickets. Asian inspired food and drink? Count me in!
My Chef Aunt and I arrived, curious about the event. She said this venue, Berkeley Church, was beautiful. Old and churchy, the facility had been transformed into a lively space with a large, U shaped balcony, a stage for the DJ and plenty of space to walk around. I was worried about the capacity of this place, but they didn't have enough tickets to squish you in like sardines; it was perfect.
Servers walked around with our samplings, but you had to be quick. I was only able to sample 3 items: Gyoza, Chicken Satay Skewers and Butter Chicken. The gyoza were tender and light. I've had gyoza at many AYCE restaurants, but THIS is what quality tastes like. Next, I hunted down some Butter Chicken. The tiny naan were adorable! I …