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I Wish I Lived Closer to 120 Diner

120 Diner
120 Church St
Toronto, ON

Dinner and a comedy show? Don't mind if I do!

120 Diner is a trendy diner with a stage. Every night there is a different show, so I checked out their schedule and decided Friday's Comedy Kapow was the show for me. My cousin lives downtown, so we met up to see what this place is all about. She asked her friends about it beforehand and heard a lot of people come in for drinks, but not many had tried the food yet.

Let's start with dinner. This is a comfort food kind of place, so this was perfect. Starving after a long day, we both asked the server and the manager what they'd recommend. They both said meatloaf. Meatloaf?! You have all of these interesting, tempting dishes and you recommend the meatloaf??! WTF? My cousin was curious and ordered the Meatloaf & Mash and I chose the Chef's Burrito. We also got the Coconut Shrimp for an appetizer.

The Coconut Shrimp were huge! We received 5 large shrimp in a thick coconut coating. It was so thick, the poor shrimp could barely hold it! With it came a tasty chipotle dressing that balanced out the sweetness of the coconut. Mmmmmm. My pet peeve was the quantity; unless you have 5 people, when is 5 a good #? Maybe, I just like even #s.

Our entrees have arrived. My cousin's plate looked like home cooked goodness; meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy and peas. We were both super curious about the meatloaf, so we both had a taste. Impressive. It was seasoned and flavourful, almost like it was made with roast beef rather than ground beef. Not to mention, the gravy was delicious. We loved it. I will now rethink my menu choices and not discount the meatloaf!

My burrito was GIGANTIC.There were so many layers, it was hard to pick out specific flavours; especially when the heat kicked in. I took It apart a little to see what was going on. It says the beans were supposed to be refried, but they were whole. The guacamole packed some heat! All of the toppings were plentiful and they didn't overuse the rice for filler. I could only eat about 2/3 of it and I still wanted to undo a button my pants.

Since we were at the point, why not get dessert? My cousin loves lemon, so Lemon Squares it was. I was intrigued by the Peanut Butter & Jam Pie. The lemon squares were light, but packed a lemony punch. A dessert I probably should've got after the massive meal, but I have no regrets. The PB & J pie. The crust was peanut butter cookies and the filling was jam topped with a dollop of PB. The PB cookies were fresh and fantastic. The cookies paired with the raspberry jam were a match made in my tummy. The menu does not lie; this IS an epic dessert!

Now for the show. Unless posted on their website, the shows are free. Friday's show had several different comics, new and experienced, young and old. A very diverse show that was fun and entertaining. Each comic had their own distinct style and sense of humour, so there was something for literally everyone. They also have a monthly themed murder mystery that is $10 and I want to go!

I have 5 words to describe the evening: I wish I lived closer. Great entertainment, great atmosphere, great food, not to mention, great service. It's a one stop shop!


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