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Cupcake Junkie Keeps Me Coming Back!

Cupcake Junkie Bakery & Cafe 
404 Brock St S 
Whitby, ON 

I 'forced' myself to have multiple visits before I reviewed it. I know, cupcakes are tough. 

I went to Cupcake Junkie twice to get cupcakes for a fam jam. I ordered a dozen fresh ones and they were fantastic. I also bought day-old cupcakes and there were also fantastic! Don't shun the day-olds! The variety isn't as good as the fresh ones, but I didn't hear one person complain as they were quickly devoured. What I enjoy the most about their cupcakes is that the cake isn't sweet, the icing and filling take care of the sweet. I'm not saying the cake is blah, I'm saying the cake not being sugary balances them so your teeth don't hurt. 

The 3rd visit was to pickup my Valentine's Day treats! I ordered 6 vanilla minis, 6 chocolate minis and a heart shaped Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake. As a chocolate addict, I thought I would like the chocolate ones more, but the vanilla minis stole my heart. The picture of the cake is deceiving. I expected it to be just a heart shaped cookie, but it really is a cake! The best way to describe it is a fluffy cookie; it was freaking awesome. I should've got one for myself. ;) 

My last visit was for a light supper. I had some time to kill, so I ordered a pulled pork sandwich on a kaiser combo and took a seat. It's a very cozy venue, but not crowded. All of the tables were clean and the large windows let lots of natural light in.  

I had a coffee while I waited and they brought me a housemade marinara sauce and flatbread. Delightful! It was warmed up and had a little heat; I could've eaten the whole thing, but I had to leave room for my sandwich. Their coffee is fantastic; it comes from a local roaster called Trebilock.The kaiser was fresh and the pork was slow-cooked to perfection. The coleslaw on the sandwich was a nice twist. It was crisp and saucy, just how I like it. It was a great meal. I'd love to try their other sandwiches!  

I'm not done! I got a combo, so it's cupcake time! So many choices, but their Facebook posts convinced me the try the Cupcake of the Month. Each month they have a creative cupcake featured that you must try. From all of their cupcakes I've tried, my favourites are Red Velvet, Banana Chip, Maple Bacon, Chocolate Mint and Vanilla. I haven't tried them all, but I haven't had one I didn't like! 

The warm weather is coming, so I know I'll be back for their Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream! 

A welcome addition to Whitby. It's got great food and friendly service. They will make you a cupcake junkie! 

I'll be back, 

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