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Bland Visit to Social Resto Lounge - CLOSED

Social Resto Lounge 
227 Brock St. S 
Whitby, ON L1N4K2 

I read a bunch of reviews before I bought a voucher to try their food. All of the reviews were pretty good, more positive than negative, so I thought I'd give it a try. 

Them menu isn't huge, but the voucher I had was for $90 worth of food, so that was plenty for my cousin and myself. The server was great, she'd seen these vouchers before and gave us a pretty good idea at what we could get. 

We started with Baked Brie; it came with baked pita, peach marmalade and a garlic parmesan loaf. It was warm and delicious. The pita was great and we polished it off quick. The garlic loaf was also good, but we didn't want to fill up on bread. I wanted to get some seafood items that I saw great reviews for, but my cousin isn't a fan and I didn't want eat it all myself or waste it.

For our mains, she chose the Chicken Caesar Wrap and I had the Stuffed Chicken. She liked the wrap, said it wasn't special, but good none-the-less. My Stuffed Chicken was another story. For starters, it looked like a mess. Presentation was terrible. It was 'stuffed' with mushrooms, brie, asparagus and other stuff that I didn't notice because the chicken was so fatty that I couldn't eat it. I struggled to find an actual piece of chicken. It wasn't stuffed, it was unrolled and a mess. The roasted red pepper sauce was flavourless, the pasta was filler and the veggies were freezer burnt. Luckily, I ended up eating too much bread from the appetizer that I wasn't really hungry anyway. 

Since we had $90 to burn, why not get dessert? She got the Banana Flambe and I got the Gelato. Both were enjoyable; a much needed boost. 

The service was good and the place was very clean. Sadly, we didn't use the whole $90. I would've like to see if something else would've redeemed this place for the Not Stuffed 'Chicken', but it didn’t happen. I was so sad; the reviews were so good! 

I don't think I'll be going back. 


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