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I Wish I Lived Closer to 120 Diner

120 Diner
120 Church St
Toronto, ON

Dinner and a comedy show? Don't mind if I do!

120 Diner is a trendy diner with a stage. Every night there is a different show, so I checked out their schedule and decided Friday's Comedy Kapow was the show for me. My cousin lives downtown, so we met up to see what this place is all about. She asked her friends about it beforehand and heard a lot of people come in for drinks, but not many had tried the food yet.

Let's start with dinner. This is a comfort food kind of place, so this was perfect. Starving after a long day, we both asked the server and the manager what they'd recommend. They both said meatloaf. Meatloaf?! You have all of these interesting, tempting dishes and you recommend the meatloaf??! WTF? My cousin was curious and ordered the Meatloaf & Mash and I chose the Chef's Burrito. We also got the Coconut Shrimp for an appetizer.

The Coconut Shrimp were huge! We received 5 lar…

Festival of Fun in King City

King City's Craft Beer & Food Truck Festival 
The weather wasn't the only thing that was perfect for this festival. Food, drinks and music were all on point for the event. It was an all ages event that also allowed pets; you could even bring your own chairs and umbrellas! You received a sample cup and tickets when you arrived. Bonus!
My first stop was to visit my friends at the Yelp booth. If you checked into the event with the Yelp app, you could win Yelp swag. They were also holding the People's Choice awards, so I knew I'd be back.
Time for beer! King Brewery was beckoning us. Their Vienna Lager was on tap and was the perfect brew to start the afternoon. While we scoured the food truck menus, I grabbed a cider from Brickhouse. They boasted 2 types of cider; a dry cider and a semi-sweet cider. The semi-sweet cider was crisp with little to no aftertaste. Delightful!
Food time! I couldn't decide, but my man had his eyes on a Pulled Pork Poutine from Kevin's Bur…

Bland Visit to Social Resto Lounge

Social Resto Lounge 227 Brock St. S Whitby, ON L1N4K2 (905) 668-9473
I read a bunch of reviews before I bought a voucher to try their food. All of the reviews were pretty good, more positive than negative, so I thought I

Cupcake Junkie Keeps Me Coming Back!

Cupcake Junkie Bakery & Cafe 404 Brock St S Whitby, ON 905-430-3200
I 'forced' myself to have multiple visits before I reviewed it. I know, cupcakes are tough.