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Bindia Indian Bistro

Bindia Indian Bistro 
16 Market St 
Toronto, ON M5E 
(416)  863-0000

After a long day of volunteer work, my mom and I were starving we walked down the street to Bindia. Located near St. Lawrence Market is a brightly coloured bistro with ambient lighting and an inspired menu.

Butter Chicken, Curry Chicken and fresh naan were in order. The presentation was great and made for easy sharing. The Butter Chicken was creamy and had just the right amount of spice. Paired with the naan, I was in my glory. My mom's Curry Chicken was hotter than she expected, but the seasoning was delightful. So savoury! If you're wondering, we both needed water and extra napkins....that's how we roll.  

After all that savoury goodness, it was time for dessert. We tried the Gajrela(Indian Carrot Cake) and Kulfi(Indian ice cream flavoured with cardamom). Neither was what we expected. As you can see, the carrot cake was not a cake. It had cashews, carrot puree and nuts. That is one heavy cake! It kept you trying to figure out what is in it. It has so many different textures and layers; I'd absolutely order it again. The Kulfi was not as enjoyable. It looked like ice cream, it was cold like ice cream, but it was not ice cream. The presentation was great, but the texture of it was strange. Flavoured with cardamom, it didn't have much flavour. I do realize I'm used to the sugary variety, but after such a savoury meal, something a sweet should've stood out. The carrot cake is the way to go. 

The service there was good and the food was fresh. When we were puzzled by the carrot cake, our server was very knowledgeable(probably a common inquiry) and was able to solve some of the mystery. Plates were cleared quickly and our water glasses were (thankfully) kept full. The pricing was higher than we're used to, but from Durham Region and expect most restaurants in Toronto to be higher anyway.  

I wonder what other gems are around the St. Lawrence! 


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