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The Flavour Signature

Signature Indian Cuisine 
1121 Dundas St E 
Whitby, ON 

My mom and I were looking for something new when we arrived at Signature. It's one of those places you hear good things about from everyone; haven't heard a negative comment yet and you won't see one here. Most of the people we know that frequent this place order takeout and there was no shortage of people picking up on a Saturday afternoonThe décor is comfortable and rich in deep reds and gold. When I say comfortable, I mean it; the seats are soft and cushy.  

We were there for a weekend lunch and we're kind of new to Indian food. We asked a lot of questions and the owner was very patient with our newbie questions. Our definition of 'hot' is definitely different than hers and I can only imagine how many times she is asked if something is 'hot'. She let us know what is the least hot and away we went.  

We started with the Chicken Pakora. Why doesn't EVERYONE spice batter like this?! Oh my goodness, every other batter will now seem bland after this. It came with 2 sauces a mild chutney and a spicy yogurt sauce. Fantastic. The pieces of chicken were a good size and the sauces complimented the pakora well. 

The lunch prices are fantastic; less than $8 a plate! Your dish comes with a healthy serving of rice. You can't go wrong. As a test of heat level, we tried Butter Chicken and Curry Chicken. So, we went a little crazy on the chicken. We also ordered fresh naan. Mmmmmm. My butter chicken was fantastic with the perfect heat level for someone like me. Yes, my nose was running and I was sweating, but I enjoyed every second! The creamy, savoury goodness of the sauce made that naan disappear fast. My mom's curry had about the same heat level, maybe slightly more, but she, with her runny nose and sweating, enjoyed it. We've been back since our initial visit and I cannot tear myself away from the chicken pakora or butter chicken. I even converted my mom to butter chicken, since I've had it so many times. 

I know they have other fantastic dishes and one day I will try them. I've heard good things about their vindaloo, but I don’t think I'm there quite yet. I'm excited to try one of their Tandoor Specialties.....if the Butter Chicken doesn't suck me back in. 

After a lot of savoury, we needed some sweet and were curious about the dessert selection. Was there a dessert menu? There was! We went with the Gulab Jamun. It consisted of 3 spongy milk balls(same size as Timbits) soaked in a light sugar syrup. It was perfect after a meal like this. I think if I tried these without a spicy meal, they would've been too sweet, but this was great. 

A delightful experience each time and I'll continue to go back. If you can't dine in, get take out, you will be back! 


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