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Great Service at the Village Inn

Village Inn 
99 King St W 
Bowmanville, ON 
L1C 1R2 

My dad and I headed there for lunch one Saturday afternoon. Easy to find, we went in and seated ourselves. It's an awkwardly laid out place; I felt like nothing is where it should be, including the bar, stairs and walls, even booths seemed narrow. Perhaps that's just my "everything in its place" thing talking, but that's just me. It was almost distracting. At least you could see a TV from any seat. Too cold to enjoy it, but I heard the patio is great! 

The staff are very friendly. I was having trouble deciding, so I asked for a recommendation and he easily said I should go with the Fish & Chips. Done! My dad loves Bangers & Mash; every time we go to a pub he gets them to compare.  

The food was alright. The fish was light, not overly battered. The chips were plain, but I was happy to see they had Kraft Tartar sauce. I'll take tartar sauce any day over ketchup! I've had some hit/miss experiences with house made tartar, so I was not disappointed! My dad said the sausages were good, but he thought the beans had been reheated. The gravy was pretty tasty though.  

The beer selection was good. They had domestic, international and local craft beers. Love the local beers! Glad to see more businesses supporting the local breweries. I went with 5 Paddles, as usual. 

A good casual experience. The service was great, I think the food could use a little something to set it apart from other pubs.


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