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Baking with Peaches....Success?

So, I'm trying my hand at baking again. Hoping this goes better than the last attempt. Hell, if even part of this is edible, I'm ahead.
When Ontario Peaches were in season, I grabbed a basket. Who the hell eats a WHOLE BASKET? I sure don't, but I couldn't let them go to waste, so I consulted Google for what I should do with them. 
"What should I do with extra peaches?" I'm Feeling Lucky.
Turns out I'm not the only one with this problem. Looks like industrious people will blanch(whatever that is), skin them, make bellinis, puree, preserves, chutney, etc. F#% that. These peaches are getting one shot at being cooked.
How about muffins? I can't possibly screw up muffins, right? Oooohhhh. Peach-Pecan Muffins. SOLD! Looks easy enough, reasonable ingredients. Here goes nothing...
Following the recipe and having all of the ingredients for once, I start with the Pecan Streusel. I melted butter, I mixed things. So far so good. 

Great Service at the Village Inn

Village Inn 99 King St W Bowmanville, ON L1C 1R2 905-623-4799
My dad and I headed there for lunch one Saturday afternoon. Easy to find, we went in and seated ourselves. It's an awkwardly laid out place; I felt like nothing is where it should be, including the bar, stairs and walls, even booths seemed narrow. Perhaps that's just my "everything in its place" thing talking, but that's just me. It was almost distracting. At least you could see a TV from any seat. Too cold to enjoy it, but I heard the patio is great!

The Flavour Signature

Signature Indian Cuisine 1121 Dundas St E Whitby, ON L1N2B7 905-655-7392
My mom and I were looking for something new when we arrived at Signature. It's one of those places you hear good things about from everyone; haven't heard a negative comment yet and you won't see one here. Most of the people we know that frequent this place order takeout and there was no shortage of people picking up on a Saturday afternoon! The d├ęcor is comfortable and rich in deep reds and gold. When I say comfortable, I mean it; the seats are soft and cushy. 
We were there for a weekend lunch and we're kind of new to Indian food. We asked a lot of questions and the owner was very patient with our newbie questions. Our definition of 'hot' is defini

New Year's Redemption

Hello fellow foodies,

It's the start of a new year with new foods and restaurants to explore. My tummy is growling already.

But what about last year's reviews? The year before? The year before that?

Every restaurant has good days and bad days, but did I get it wrong? If you find a review that you feel I rated too low or high, let me know!

If you think my rating was unjust, I'll do it again.

Challenge accepted,