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Something for those Cravingz

106 Walton St 
Port Hope, ON 

Yet again, a Wagjag deal I can't pass up takes us ths time to Port Hope to visit Cravingz. Located in downtown Port Hope, there is ample parking on the street(metered) or lots off of the main street for free. It is a beautiful bright venue with new specials every day. Tapas is only available in the evening and changes often, so instead of printed menus, they use a chalkboard on wheels. Great idea! They have something for almost every dietary requirement and they even source locally. Can't ask for more than that! 

We were seated and our drink order was taken. When you order tea, they don't ask you what kind, they just bring you an assortment with a pot full of hot water. I like that! My mom ordered the Fish Tacos and I chose the Chicken Roti. The 2 tacos came with a kale salad and soup. The fish was lightly battered and topped with housemade salsa. Perfect lunch portion! My curry was delicious. Lots of roasted potatoes and pieces of chicken all cooked in a delightful, mild sauce. The roti shell was a bit thick and very filling; I got through half and ate around it. I had to make sure there was room for dessert! 

Desserts, like the features change daily depending on availability. My mom chose the Carrot Cake Cheesecake and I went with the Gluten Free Black Bean Brownie. We are fortunate enough not to have any dietary restrictions, so I often think if a food is 'free' of something, it's also taste free. Happily, I was wrong. This brownie was rich and chocolatey, just how I like them. If I didn't already know it was gluten free, I never would've thought so. I would order it again in a heartbeat. My mom is a chocoholic and she loved it too! Her cheese cake had actual chunks of carrot cake inside the cheesecake. It was tasty! 

All in all a decent experience. Food wise, no complaints, but the service was slow; we were there for almost 2 hours for lunch. When I called to see if I needed a reservation, they said they didn't expect to be busy because of the weather that day; they were wrong and probably short staffed because of it. 

A lot of the reviews I read said this place was 'hit or miss', but I'd absolutely go back. I do hope that the management read the 'hit or miss' reviews and improve where they're lacking. it's a great spot with quality food and I feel it deserves to be a hit! 

Until next Wagjag, *shakes fist* 


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