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Little Sister, Lots of Flavour

Little Sister 
2031 Yonge St 
Toronto, ON  

Courtesy of an event created on Yelp by a fellow Yelp Elite, 7 of us tackled Little Sister and we ordered......EVERYTHING ON THE (cardboard) MENU. Granted, it's not a huge menu, but it was pretty cool to order everything. Felt a lil special, just sayin. 

We started with the Snack menu while we were waiting for all of our guests; Krupuk(prawn crackers w/ peanut sauce) and Pangsit(beef wontons) were first to arrive. As someone whom is not used to spicy food, some of the sauces surprised me(I was not alone). The menu didn't specify if something was hot, so it was a shock each time. The peanut sauce with the prawn crackers had a little heat, but it was sweet; a nice combo. The beef wontons were fantastic. I dipped my wonton and was about to take a big bite when the sauce dripped onto my hand. I wiped it off and tasted it; I almost went into a coughing fit. Someone else was about to take a big bite with sauce when she saw the look on my face. She was not used to spice either! Saved! I didn't think they needed sauce anyway! 

The tacos were fantastic; all of them! Each of them had fresh veggies and delightful sauces. I could've eaten more of those and everyone agreed. The Sumatra Spiced Beef Croquettes were another winner. As a Dutch gal, I'm used to croquettes being a bit bland and needing mustard to liven them up; these didn't need it. The beef was seasoned with the perfect amount of spice inside that crispy coating. MmmMmm. 

The skewers well all to die for. The meat was moist and tender and each skewer had it's own distinct flavour. The savoury spices paired with the sweet sauces made them disappear fast!  

Now for the mains... 

Ayam Panggang(sweet chili grilled chicken) was fantastic. The portion was good and the flavours were fantastic. The guests that didn't like cilantro were not a fan, but that left more for the rest of us! Babi Panggang(pork belly) was one of my favourites. Tender, flavourful; very well rounded with the pickled bean sprouts and fresh chili sauce. Udang kari(coconut curry shrimp) didn't last long and neither did the Ikan Bumbu Bali(spice crusted fish). 

The sides, how could we forget about them?! After all that spice, we were practically fighting over the Watermelon Salad. It was cold and refreshing; a nice palette cleanser. The Fried Cauliflower Salad was addicting; I wanted it all for myself! The Fried Rice and Mustard Green Vegetables were also there to balance things out. We were on flavour overload! 

Dessert was a coconut pudding and mocha chocolate icecream. The coconut pudding was OK but the ice cream was a fantastic end to the evening. The drinks were a little on the expensive side, but they give you large bottles of water. 

I've never had food like this before, so I have nothing to compare it to. Looks like an excuse to go to another Indonesian restaurant. :D 


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