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Hot Mama Noi Hits The Spot

Hot Mama Noi's Thai on the Fly
1410 Bayly St, Unit 6A
Pickering, ON

After a killer exercise class, my fellow workout friends were hungry and insisted we go to Mama Noi's. They are from the Pickering area and said it's one of their favourites. I can't say no to Thai food, so I tagged along.  

Located close to the Pickering GO Station, we entered a small restaurant with glass tables. My first thought was that they would all see how messy I am when I'm eating. Damn. They offered Ginger Tea, Green Tea and the usual assortment of pop and water. Some loved the ginger tea, others not so much. I love that they give you a full size pot instead of those leaky, single serving tea pots. 

The menu is 1 page, double sided and full of irresistible choices. Almost everyone ordered something different, so I really got to see a variety of dishes they offer. My friends were disappointed that Mama Noi herself was not there. They said that she will greet her guests to make sure everything tastes to their liking. They said she is very friendly and pleasant; I was sad I didn't get to meet her! 

My friends ordered the Sweet & Sour Chicken, Pineapple Fried Rice, Pad Thai & Pad See Eew. I had the Masaman Chicken. The couple that frequent this place had the Pad Thai and Pad See Eew. The Tom Yum Soup is highly recommended by them. They've tried many things on the menu and had no complaints about any of them. The couple that shared the Sweet & Sour Chicken and Pineapple Fried Rice enjoyed it. They expected the Sweet & Sour to be more like the Chinese style, but still liked it. My Masaman Chicken(I say it wrong every time) was fantastic. Lots of sauce to eat with the rice and the smell was divine; it was making everyone else hungrier! The veggies were tender and cooked in the sauce with a good amount of chicken. 

The prices are very reasonable and the service was great. I can't wait to go back. I want to try something else and meet Mama! 


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