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Something for those Cravingz

Cravingz 106 Walton St Port Hope, ON 905-855-9232
Yet again, a Wagjag deal I can't pass up takes us ths time to Port Hope to visit Cravingz. Located in downtown Port Hope, there is ample parking on the street(metered) or lots off of the main street for free. It is a beautiful bright venue with new specials every day. Tapas is only available in the evening and changes often, so instead of printed menus, they use a chalkboard on wheels. Great idea! They have something for almost every dietary requirement and they even source locally. Can't ask for more than that!
We were seated and our drink order was taken. When you order tea, they don't ask you what kind, they just bring you an assortment with a pot full of hot water. I like that! My mom ordered the Fish Tacos and I chose the Chicken Roti. The 2 tacos came with a kale salad and soup. The fish was lightly battered and topped with housemade salsa. Pe

Hot Mama Noi Hits The Spot

Hot Mama Noi's Thai on the Fly 1410 Bayly St, Unit 6A Pickering, ON 905-837-1037
After a killer exercise class, my fellow workout friends were hungry and insisted we go to Mama Noi's. They are from the Pickering area and said it's one of their favourites. I can't say no to Thai food, so I tagged along. 

Located close to the Pickering GO Station, we entered a small restaurant with glass tables. My first thought was that they would all see how messy I am when I'm eating. Damn. They offered Ginger Tea, Green Tea and the usual assortment of pop and water. Some loved the ginger tea, others not so much. I love that they give you a full size pot instead of those leaky, single serving tea pots.

Little Sister, Lots of Flavour

Little Sister 2031 Yonge St Toronto, ON  M4S1Z9 416-488-2031
Courtesy of an event created on Yelp by a fellow Yelp Elite, 7 of us tackled Little Sister and we ordered......EVERYTHING ON THE (cardboard)MENU. Granted, it's not a huge menu, but it was pretty cool to order everything. Felt a lil special, just sayin.

Against The Grain Leaside - Tasty

Against The Grain - Urban Tavern 87 Laird Dr. Toronto, ON  M4G3T7 647-748-2840 This blog is a little late. We were sitting on the patio for this Summerlicious meal. My bad!
Upon looking at their website and menu, I expected it to be more 'Tavern' than 'Urban', but it was definitely the opposite. A trendy spot with a rustic name is how I'd describe it. Definitely nothing rustic about the d├ęcor. The patio was large and inviting. It had a variety of seating, live music and beautiful gardens of flame to keep you warm in the evening.