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Vacation Blog! Oasis Tulum, Mexico!

Oasis Tulum Riviera Maya, Mexico
Mexico is the location of choice for this vacation! Oasis Tulum is located in Riviera Maya, 1.5hrs away from the Cancun airport or 2hrs if you get stuck in traffic. Ugh. Upon arrival, we learned that there are actually 2 resorts there, Oasis Tulum and Oasis Tulum Grand. We were at the Oasis Tulum. The Grand side is a little shinier and there are a few more perks, but we were quite happy with the Oasis Tulum. In fact, almost every resort we dropped people off at was a tiered resort.
There are other restaurants on the Grand side, but if you're not staying over there, you can pay to try them out. 
The beach was fantastic. There was ample shade and sun. There were 2 hot tubs near the beach bar that kids enjoyed. I recommend water shoes. It's not overly rocky, but there's enough coral there to cut your foot if you're not careful.
The room was great! Big bed, big bathroom and a nice balcony. Not that you'll spend much time there anyway!
The nig…