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The Delicious Food Show - The Food Coma

I wish I could've been at this show all weekend. You almost need the whole weekend to really experience everything. I did get a 'taste' of almost everything! Here's my summary of Sunday. 

Now, when I say taste, I mean TASTE! You could not walk 2 feet without getting a sample. EVERYONE had samples as well as reasonable prices. My Aunt and I stopped at numerous booths and spoke to many business owners. It was fantastic to talk to so many people who are so passionate about what they do! The people of VG Meats, Rise Kombucha and the Mad Mexican all took time to talk to us and express their passion. 

Being a foodie but not a cook put me at a disadvantage coming to this show....so I brought my own chef! My Aunt has been a chef for 15 years and I'm very glad I brought her. There was a lot I would've missed had she not pointed it out. Her chef world is quite delicious; I've been missing out! There are many booths I wouldn't have given a second glance, but wildly enjoyed and learned something! I learned that Cacao Barry Chocolate is THE chocolate for baking. I learned that Kombucha is very good for you and I should be drinking it. AND Serrano Ham, where have you been all my life?  

I also learned that Ontario has a lot more growing/being produced than I thought! The booth had it's own area, but it was impressive. Samples of all kinds made locally. The fruits, the meats, the honey, the syrup, the cheese, oh my. I made my way ALL the way around that booth. I can't wait to pick up some of the cheeses and meats at my local grocery store. Chocolate Goat Cheese. I know what you're thinking; I thought the same thing. Just try it. If they can mix it with cream cheese, goat cheese does it better! 

Now for the entertainment and there was a lot of it! We were able to catch Roger Mooking on the Food Network Celebrity Stage. What a great show! Not too far off, there was an oyster shucking lesson in the Sub Zero Wolf Hands-On Classroom. A little after that was an Eat St. demo in the Chef's Kitchen. In the midst of all this, there are chef authors doing book signings! AHH!! There wasn't one event on the schedule I didn't want to see. So much to do; so little time! It seemed every hour had something to do. This was absolutely the most entertaining tradeshow I've been to; I almost feel I can't call it a tradeshow. I could've spent the whole weekend there. There was so much to see, do and taste that we couldn't fit it all in!  

Next year, I will take the WHOLE weekend. It's just not possible to take it all in in just one day. I'm already counting down and you should, too! If you didn't get to attend this year's Delicious Food Show, make a point to going to it next year; I know I will!  

Now to watch some Food Network while I sip on some Rise Mint Kombucha. 


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