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Edmonton! Craft Beer Market! Rooftop Patio!

Craft Beer Market 
10013 101A Ave 
Edmonton, AB  
So, I was in Edmonton for a wedding and we had a few hours to kill between the ceremony and the reception. The bridal party told everyone to go to Craft for drinks and eats. They said the would be on the patio. Sounded good to us!  

The street Craft is on, has many delicious looking places on it. I wish I could've stayed in Edmonton longer to try them! The Craft Beer Market is a large building; you can't miss it. The main floor is full of large, leather booths, but the eye is immediately drawn to the big ass bar. So much beer! We headed in and said we were meeting a wedding party on the patio and they pointed to the stairs. We were told to go all the way to the top. Rooftop patio FTW. 

The patio was busy and beautiful. It had a great variety of places to sit, TVs, flowers, a bar and a great view. THIS was the place to be! 

The service was fabulous. We got the menus made our food and drink selections and she was right there to take our orders. Perfect. The beer menu is fantastic; over 100 beers on tap! We all tried a different beer. I lied. It was a summer day and I had a hankering for some Fruli. I did try everyone elses! They decided to keep it local. They chose Hog's Head, Alley Cat & Rice Howard Ale.  

While enjoying the local brews, we went with a light lunch. I downed a Margherita Flatbread. Everything about it was fresh; fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, fresh cheese, fresh garlic. My breath was fantastic. My dad picked the Fresh Vegetable Platter. It came with a pile of veggies, olives, a pile of flatbread and a big bowl of hummus. I always assumed veggie platters would leave you hungry, but this one was huge and had more than just veggies to fill you up! My brother and his lovely lady shared the Baja Fish Tacos. They said they were good, but the heat from the hot sauce didn't really add anything to the dish. They said it seemed out of place. The fish, dressings and salad were both very good.  

If I'm ever in town again, I'd definitely come back. Craft has a great vibe and we really enjoyed our visit. 


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