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Bistro 67 Brings the Flavour

Bistro 67 1610 Champlain Ave. Whitby, ON 905-721-3312
Time to go to where many of our favourite chefs! Durham College has a culinary arts program that allows their chefs-in-training to practice in a real restaurant kitchen. Love this! In fact, there's a screen in the dining room where you can see chefs making your meal. The next big chef could be cooking you dinner and you didn't even know it! 
That's not all; it's field to fork. When you drive by on Champlain Ave or drive to the restaurant parking, you can see their gardens and there are plans for greenhouses too! It doesn't get any fresher than that. Whatever is in season is what they're serving. 
The venue itself is beautiful. Bright orange walls were the backdrop for the dark wood tables facing floor to ceiling windows. Everything was beautifully designed, right down to the lighting and table setting. Great atmosphere. Once the construction at the college is complete, the view from yoursecond fl…

Must Go Back to Bistro 238!

Bistro 238 1413 King St Oshawa, ON L1E2J6 905-579-4688
It was my grandmother's birthday and I wanted to take her somewhere we both hadn't been. Bistro 238 had fabulous reviews and a tasty looking menu, so off we went. The d├ęcor was beautiful. Dark leather chairs that you just didn't want to get out of. The staff were friendly and seated us quickly. It's a small space, but it doesn't feel small. They make use of the space, but you don't feel crowded. It's located in a plaza, so the picture above should help you find it.

We were hungry, so we quickly made our choices. My Nan went with the Veal Tenderloin Special. It was a huge, tender piece of veal with seasonal vegetables smothered in au jus. I was worried because she's not a big eater. I stand corrected. She ate the whole thing it was so good. All she could say was that it melted in her mouth. My Dad selected the Alberta Striploin. It was as big as the veal! He too sa…

Taste of Toronto Verdict - Toronto Tastes Pretty Good

Taste of Toronto 2014 Fort York
The festival season is upon us and it's time for the first annual Taste of Toronto at Fort York. As someone from out of town, this was very easy to get to via TTC. Taking the bus from Union Station(which is a nightmare right now, can't wait until the construction is over!), brings you right outside the fort; a short walk and you are there! 
There was a Crown Dealer right outside the gates. Crowns being the official currency of the event were conveniently located on a card. Tap & Go = Awesome. All leftover Crowns were donated to Second Harvest! Charity Donations = Awesome. Not every vendor accepted crowns, which was a bit disappointing. No one wants to put all their cash on their card and then find out you can't buy what you wanted.
The menu card for the event was nicely laid out, so you could pick what you wanted, flip to the map and go! The signage could've been better. It was hard to find the food stall you …