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An OK Time at the Hunter's Horn

The Hunter's Horn 
965 Dundas St W 
Whitby, ON 

My dad and I were looking for a bite one evening when we wandered upon the Hunter's Horn. Upon entering, we were immediately greeted, seated and your drink order was taken. Sweet. The décor is old and is in desperate need of an update. The booths are carpet had that dark pub red. Blah. They do have a nice patio though. They also host open mic night and showcase local talent. Gotta love that! 

The menu was short and sweet and the prices were pretty good. My dad picked Bangers & Mash and I went with the Philly Cheese with Minestrone Soup. I think he gets Bangers & Mash at every pub he goes to. he said it was alright, but he didn't leave a drop of gravy on his plate. Just ok, you say? My Philly Cheesesteak sandwich was good, once I got past the gristley pieces and fat. Lots of cheese, yummy peppers and the fresh baguette was what saved it. The soup could've used some help; not a ton of flavour there. 

My father was his usual charming self to our very young and kinda clueless server. I don't think she'd ever had a customer like him. She was polite and attentive, but she's gotta adapt to big personalities and not just do the deer-in-headlights thing. 

It was a good experience, but I don't think I'd go back.The décor and menu both need a facelift. I wish I'd had their wings instead! 


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