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Craving More CraveTO

Wychwood Barns  
601 Christie St  
Toronto, Ontario  

CraveTO marks the official start of patio season and what a start it was! The weather was absolutely perfect and the venue was lush and green. We were eager to get inside! The lines moved quickly and efficiently. We were even flattered when they asked for ID. :D 

When you enter a CraveTO volunteer gave us a quick tour, showing us the essentials; ATM, restrooms, and the drink ticket booth. For seating, there were benches and the  beach volleyball court contained tables and chairs. Even if you couldn't find a seat, there were many grassy areas to hunker down on.  

Everything was $5. Everything. Food AND beer! These weren't tiny cups of beer either. I was pleased they didn't skimp on it as I've seen at other festivals. No one skimped out on the food either. My man and I tried as many food stands/trucks as we could. For $5 a pop we might have gone a little crazy; no regrets!  

Pocino Boys' Sweet Bacon
My first stop was the Saucy Pierogi. Being one that has only eating potato and cheese pierogies, it was a bit of a shock. Taking a bite and seeing tender, juicy beef brisket stuffed inside the gravy smothered morsel was...oh crap, now I want one. Let's just say, my man was LUCKY to get a bite.  

My man saw a sign that said Sweet Bacon, so we had to check out what the Pocino Boys were serving up. He chose Sweet Bacon on a Bun. HOLY CRAP. It was my turn to be lucky to get a bite. The bacon was sweet, but not honey or BBQ sweet. I couldn't place it but, it was juicy, sweet, tender and bacon-y. This is a bacon lovers dream.  

Pizza Libretto was next on my list. They had tiny deep-fried Montanara pizzas for $2! I'd never had one, so I didn't know what to expect. What I didn't expect was spice! Luckily, I had some Mill Street Organic there to put out the flames. MmmMmm. 

Since, I was beerless, we headed to the Amsterdam Brewery tent when some delicious eats caught my man's eye. Burritos! Asada was nearby and it was smelling fantastic. He couldn't decide between a burrito or a taco, so he got both. The taco didn't last, but he couldn't finish the burrito. He hit the wall. Heehee. 

There was one more I had to get in on. The Food Dude's were offering up Fish Tacos and I couldn't say no. I didn't read the description, I just ordered and dug in. It had a decent portion of fish smothered in FD hot sauce, sour cream and slaw...spiked slaw. I was yet again immersed in heat and flavour. (I've really gotta start fully reading these menus!) It was delicious, but I made quick work of beer #2. Definitely the best fish taco I've had! 

It was time to cool things down. After so many amazing foods, we needed a sweet treat. Sweet Sammies was there to save the day. They had 3 different sandwiches, beer ice cream with chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream & brownie cookies, and banana ice cream & peanut butter cookies. I took the beer ice cream sandwich and my man pb & banana sandwich. It was just what we needed.  

The atmosphere of this event is what really made it great. The beautiful park coupled with the DJ's sick tunes really made it a fun environment. Since you had to buy a ticket in advance to get in, the crowd was kept to a reasonable amount of people. The lines were short and absolutly worth the short wait. Other festivals I've been to should take note. It was very organized giving it an easy going, relaxed feel.  

I can't wait until the next CraveTO! If you missed this one, watch out for the next! 

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