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1847 - My Excuse to Visit Brooklin

1847 Wine & Beer Bistro 45 Baldwin St Brooklin, ON L1M1A2
It was time for a meal with my cousin, who is always willing to hit a new spot. She had been to 1847 before and recommended we go. Off to Brooklin, I drove by it 3 times. *facepalm* Their Twitter feed said that the week after my visit, they had a new awning installed making it more visible. Glad to hear it!
It used to be the home of a bank, complete with a vault, now set up as a party room. The décor has an expensive pub feel. All of the furniture is dark wood accompanied by high ceilings and large wi

Harpo's - The Not-So Hidden Gem

Harpo's 44 Stevenson Rd S Oshawa, ON L1J2K6 905-436-2977
My Nan didn't feel like cooking one rare evening and insisted she take my father and myself out for dinner. Having not planned this in advance, we didn't know where to go when my dad suggested Harpo's. 
Harpo's has 2 levels, the main floor has booths and large tables for groups. The lower level is at the front with all of the large windows. It's nice and bright! Since Nan wasn't a fan of stairs we opted for a booth on the main floor. Our server warned us that 2 large groups were coming in shortly, but that was alright. The booths were HUGE and very cozy. It was like sitting on a high-backed couch. We could not see other customers in the booths beside us. It made it private and acted as a sound barrier. The décor was very elegant. I definitely felt under-dressed. It was supposed to be a casual meal dangit!

Craving More CraveTO

CraveTO Wychwood Barns 601 Christie St Toronto, Ontario M6G4C7
CraveTO marks the official start of patio season and what a start it was! The weather was absolutely perfect and the venue was lush and green. We were eager to get inside! The lines moved quickly and efficiently. We were even flattered when they asked for ID. :D