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Scrambles is Breakfast

526 Westney Rd S 
Ajax, ON 
Early one Sunday morning, my mother and I were looking for a breakfast spot when I found Scrambles. The reviews were fantastic, so we were in! It's in the corner of a plaza in an unlikely place for a restaurant; just when you think you've missed it, there it is. 

It was packed. Completely packed. There was no one waiting when we got there, but there was soon after we were seated. We found a small table in the corner and snagged it. We had just gotten settled when our server told us a bigger table by the window was free. Perfect! Brownie points already and we haven't eaten anything! 

It's a small place with a country feel; nothing fancy, but it doesn't need to be. The food speaks for itself. The prices are almost too reasonable. I don't think I've ever said that, but after eating there and having amazing service, you will also agree. 

I went with the Signature Pancakes with blueberries and my mom went with the special which is similar to the Spinach Delight but with ham and cheese. These pancakes were made with love. They were fluffy, moist and blue! I've never had pancakes quite like them. My mom's omelette was huge and they didn't hold back on the fried potatoes. It was literally bursting with toppings. The fried potatoes were to die for. If I wasn't so full of delicious pancakes, I would've stolen all of them! 

Scrambles feels like home. Food made with love and servers that make you feel comfortable instantly. This is the type of restaurant I love going to.  

Going out for breakfast? Go to Scrambles! 

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