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I've Fallen for Vermicelli at Pho Viet Nam 999

Pho Viet Nam 999 299 King St W Oshawa, ON L1J2J9 905-728-8999
So, I've tried pho a few times when I was working in Markham. I wasn't a fan. I tried to like it. I WANTED TO LIKE IT. Everyone talks about pho like it's the best food on the planet, but I just can't love it. Since, I can't find a pho I like, I didn't think it would be fair to review a restaurant based on a food I haven't grown to love.
This was on 2 separate visits. We started with Shrimp Rolls and Mango Salad. A great way to start. The mango salad was amazing. It was smothered in a sweet sauce with green peppers. Wow. The shrimp rolls in rice paper were good; very fresh.

CraveTO Is Coming Up May 30, 2014!

CraveTO Wychwood Barns 601 Christie St Toronto, Ontario M6G4C7
It's the beginning of the outdoor festival season and what a festival to start off with, CraveTO! It celebrates local foods, craft beer and homegrown DJs by integrating them into one great party. There is something

Scrambles is Breakfast

Scrambles 526 Westney Rd S Ajax, ON L1S4N7 905-428-0903
Early one Sunday morning, my mother and I were looking for a breakfast spot when I found Scrambles. The reviews were fantastic, so we were in! It's in the corner of a plaza in an unlikely place for a restaurant; just when you think you've missed it, there it is.
It was packed. Completely packed. There was no one waiting when we got there, but there was soon after we were seated. We found a small table in the corner and snagged it. We had just gotten settled when our server told us a bigger tab

Food Truck Frenzy Comes to Whitby

Food Truck Frenzy May 10 & 11, 2014 Whitby, ON
So, it's finally here. On Saturday, we arrived at around 11:30am at the Abilities Centre. It was already packed! The volunteers were hard at work collecting donations and keeping things neat. The Auxiliary Police were there keeping people from parking where ever they wanted. There was a designated area for those with accessible parking permits AND they didn't let foodies take over the parking lot for those who were there to use the gym. Keeping hungry people in line is not easy for these volunteers and police, but they did a great job!
Food time!
Gorilla Cheese
It had only been open for half an hour and I still waited in line for an hour! It was worth it. I was 'lucky' that they asked me to wait a few minutes while they caught up on orders before they took mine. Lucky because we got to chat! These people are awesome. Even under pressure, they were still happy to be there and assured me it was worth the wait.