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The Newest Pizza PIE in Town

Pie Pickering 1550 Kingston Rd Pickering, ON L1V1C3 905-492-9393
On the hunt for a new pizza joint, I came across this little gem. Only opened for a month, Pie had a continuous stream of people entering and many happy customers leaving. It's located just west of Brock Rd on Kingston Rd. TIP: The plaza address is blocked by bushes, but I have a handy dandy picture of the outside above! You can't miss it and you don't want to!

The inside is shiny and new. It screams fun. The menus are printed on the actual table! I thought that was a great way to save on paper! You think a regular pizza joint has a lot of choices for pizza? You are wrong. These are not your average pizzas. Delicious combinations laid out on an fresh, ultra thin pizza crust is always a winner.

Warming Up at The Loose Moose

The Loose Moose Tap & Grill 146 Front St W Toronto, ON M5J2M2 416-977-8840
On a terribly cold, windy day of visiting a trade show, my friend and I were starving. We had taken the GO Train in and were looking for something close to Union Station....and there it was, The Loose Moose.
We (literally) ran in and hoped they could seat us. It was packed! Luckily, their bench style seating allowed us to squeeze in. It's HUGE and perfectly designed for a fun, pub atmosphere. Hell, even the bathrooms were fun; random antique stall doors, random sinks, even random taps! Not to mention, the beer selection was fantastic! It's never too cold for beer!