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Vegan Time at Rawlicious

123 Brock St S 
Whitby, ON 

Time for get outside of that comfort zone. It's vegan time! 

I'd heard about Rawlicious when I worked in Markham; a co-worker found it and become addicted. I mean 'need to try everything on the menu' addicted, so I was pretty excited to hear one opened in Whitby. 

We were nervous, being meatatarians, we were worried we wouldn't be full or that we wouldn't like it. It calmed us to see that in the first 15 minutes we were there, the place filled up. It went from 1 table to full that fast; something's got to be good.  

I don't think they expected it to be busy that day; there was only 1 server. It took longer to order the food than it did to get it. At least you can count on getting the food faster since they don't have to cook it!  

We started with the Spring Rolls because they were familiar to us from our many sushi adventures. They were good, but the sauce that came with it had no flavour 

The main courses were a different story. I chose the Taco Wrap and my mom selected the Angus Burger. I know, I know, I went with the safe bet, but it was delicious and surprisingly filling. The guacamole was fresh and delicious and the greens were tasty. I wasn't sure what I would think of the almond nut cheese or the seasoned nut loaf; they were subtle, but went perfectly with the salsa. My mom was a little more confused by her dish. It came with a nut and seed burger on a buckwheat bun. We couldn't figure out the seeds; they tasted familiar, but didn't. She enjoyed the sauce that topped it; it had kick! The sweet potato chips were dehydrated sweet potatoes, not bad! 

At the end we were full. It was a good experience and I definitely see vegan food differently. I understand why my co-worker wanted to try everything! 

I hope they get more staff in there; they've got a good thing going. 

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