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First Time Farm-to-Table at Kb

120 Brock St N 
Whitby, ON 

My first Farm-to-Table restaurant that was highly recommended by a friend. Sometimes 'highly recommended' means 'if you don't go, I will drag you.'  

Well, FINE then. 

I headed there after work. Traffic was fabulous, as usual, so I was starving when I arrived and my mom was super impressed how late I was. Needless to say, an appetizer was in order! Burbs Bruschetta was our selection. Little cubes of sweet pear on a crunchy crostini topped with basil and garlic. I could've eaten 10 plates of these. The flavours were perfectly balanced and, not to mention, a great way to wake up those tastebuds! 

Our main courses consisted of Willowbrook Farms Porchetta and the Breast of Chicken. The chicken was proscuitto wrapped and pan roasted. My mom said it was seasoned so that it didn't even taste like chicken; she wasn't sure she was given the right dish! It was served on a bed of beans and jus. Her plate was promptly cleaned! 

I've heard so much about pork belly, that I couldn't resist. If you haven't had it before, it was daunting at first; the word 'belly' was a bit off-putting.  It was so tender, so tasty, so juicy. I expected to enjoy it, but I didn't realize I'd like it THAT much! The pork was slow cooked and rolled with a healthy layer of fat. I'm one of those people that cuts the fat off everything, but I had to try it as it was intended and I'm glad I did. It actually had a pleasant texture. The meal was served with mixed veggies in a tomato based jus.  

Desssssserts! Since, I'm a bit of a crème brulee fanatic, I chose the Avocado Crème Brulee. I know you're thinking the same thing as I was, but I HAD to. My mom picked the Homemade Pecan Tart. The tart was topped with merengue and whipped cream. After my mom's first bite, she definitely caught the homemade taste; the pastry was just like Nan's! As for my dessert.....it was the most unique crème brulee experience of my life. I cracked the hard, sugar coating and went right for the custard. This was followed by immediate confusion; I literally tilted my head. Trying to taste the avocado was difficult at first and then there it was. Subtle, it gave the custard a smooth texture. It was delightful(not warmed though!). Luckily, my mom tried it and was also confused, so I knew it wasn't just me. :D  

The servers were great. Quick and knowledgeable, they were not afraid to joke with us. I think my favourite moment was when we asked the gentleman for the dessert menu and he said no and walked away, completely straight-faced. Cracked us up! 

We had a great experience at Kb and recommend anyone to go there for either a family gathering, drinks or date night. As a bonus, the menu changes all the time! You'll never be bored! 

Made it worth getting in traffic for! 

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