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Trinity: Third Time's the Charm?

Trinity Irish Pub & Restaurant 
75 Consumers Dr 
Whitby, ON 

This was my third visit to Trinity and I finally remembered to take pictures or I would've blogged about this long ago. It's a big, beautiful pub in the theatre complex. There's lots of seating, lots of TVs and a small stage. 

2 out of 3 experiences were lack luster. The first time was with my friend and it was busy. We knew there would be a wait and when they told us 20 minutes, not bad. I knew from being a hostess myself, that on a busy night, the wait is NEVER 20 minutes. 30 minutes later, we were irritated. I was willing to wait quietly, but she was not. She went to the hostess and complained. The manager apologized and we were seated 10 minutes later. He was nice enough to offer us a free appetizer to make up for the wait. Fair enough. We chose the spinach dip, but they gave us cheap tortilla chips instead of the pita that should come with it. The food was just ok. I had the Cottage Pie and she had the Fish and Chips. 

The second time, it was that same friend's birthday. We had a large group and the service was good. We all ordered some apps and everyone enjoyed themselves. They have an excellent beer selection! 

My final visit with my boyfriend will probably be the last. We both ordered fish and chips. I know British food has been known to be boring, but wow. This was boring. The fish batter was alright. The tartar sauce was horrible. I LOVE tartar sauce and this was bad, tasted like vinegar and there shouldn't be vinegar in it! BOOO!

I was hoping one of my visits would turn it around for me, but it just didn't. 

At least the service was good! 

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