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Takeout Tuesday @ Big Boy's

Big Boy's Burgers 
308 Thickson Rd 
Whitby, ON 
Burger Time! It's Takeout Tuesday and I had a hankering for some burgers. Big Boy's is bright blue, checkered and yummy all over. The parking lot is always busy and there was a line up both times I dropped in. Gotta be good, right? 

The staff are fun and make you at ease when you have no idea what to order. They are also honest about the amount of food you're going to receive. The fries are definitely big enough for 2 people and I appreciate them telling me that. Food is a terrible thing to waste! 

Did I mention the fries are AMAZING? Crispy and thick cut, we didn't leave one behind. The gravy was a deeeelicious. The burgers were juicy, fresh and they had the perfect variety of toppings to choose from. Can't go wrong when you choose the toppings! 

I've already been a couple times and I know I'll be back a few more. My boyfriend AND dad both gave it their burger seal of approval. 

Looks like I'll be seeing you again! 

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