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A Quick Bite at Joe Bean - Closed

Joe Bean Coffee & Eatery 
28 Simcoe St N 
Oshawa, ON 

So, I headed downtown Oshawa for a graduation ceremony, right from work. Traffic was unusually good, so I was there very early and my tummy was very rumbly.  

Joe Bean is located at Simcoe and Bond, right downtown; you can't miss it. Inside, it's clean and cozy. It's a calm atmosphere in spite of the bustle just outside those windows. If I was still in school, I'd frequent this place to study and do homework. 

I popped in and grabbed a tea and a roasted chicken sandwich. I was expecting your typical deli sandwich, but what I received was so very much better. This sandwich was on a fresh bun with actual pieces of roasted chicken. PIECES. Not paper thin deli meat. The lettuce and cucumber were crisp and the mayo was just right. It was fantastic. It's amazing that little things can make a sandwich that much better. 

It's a family run business and they are a jovial bunch. I was in there once before for a coffee, during Autofest, and received the same great service. That visit is what made me come back. 

If you're downtown and need a bite, pop into Joe Bean. 

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