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Takeout Tuesday @ Big Boy's

Big Boy's Burgers 308 Thickson Rd Whitby, ON L1N9Z1 905-244-2697

Trinity: Third Time's the Charm?

Trinity Irish Pub & Restaurant 75 Consumers Dr Whitby, ON L1N2C2 905-430-1808 <

Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Explosion

The holiday season was upon us and with potluck fam-jams coming up, I wanted to actually make something instead of buying something. I was on Twitter when I saw a recipe for a Christmas Tree Pull-Apart. I looked at the pictures and the directions and said, 'Hey, I can make that!' 
Off the to grocery store I went, excited to cook something for my family. Brought it all home and this is what happened. 

Mix grated cheese and cream cheese together. Psshhh...and done.