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Great Atmosphere at Bella Notte

Bella Notte 
3570 Brock St N 
Whitby, ON 

Daddy-Daughter Day was upon us and my father picked me up for dinner. It was a Saturday night and we did not have reservations. We stopped at a few places and ended up at Bella Notte. A classy, Italian spot that we were fortunate to snag a table at. The décor and servers had all of the trimmings of a traditional Italian restaurant. 

My Dad ordered half a dozen, fresh oysters. They were served cold with a lemon dressing and lemon wedges. It was my first time eating oysters. The texture was interesting, but not unpleasant. The lemon complimented their natural, briny flavour.  

What's an Italian restaurant without pasta? My Dad chose his usual, Pasta Primavera, and I went with the Spaghetti Carbonara. The dishes arrived piping hot and piled high. While I snapped a few photos and ate with my eyes.....when I realized I had penne noodles. Not a big deal, but it's called Spaghetti Carbonara. I expected long, difficult to eat noodles....especially since they brought me a spoon. Puzzled and hungry, our dishes didn't last. 90% of the time, I end up with a doggy bag when it comes to pasta. Not today. It was delicious. Smothered in a mellow cream sauce, full of fresh peas and pancetta. The pancetta was ok; sometimes crunchy, but very salty. My Dad was pleased and he too cleaned his plate. He uses the primavera as a test for any restaurant that serves it. He said it was pretty up there on the list! 

The dessert menu looked AMAZING and I wanted it so bad, but we were far too full. I will save that for another day.  

There WILL be another day. 

This is a great place for dates or large groups and the service is fantastic and very professional. 

I can't wait to go back! 


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