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Eat All You Can at Asia Express

Asia Express 
1615 Dundas St 
Whitby, ON 

I know what you're thinking, but it's not just sushi! They have fantastic Thai and Chinese food too. Good food and unbelievable prices? Sign me up! 

This gem was my mom's discovery. She stopped in for some take out and fell in love. Their combos are an amazing value. For around $10, you get more than enough food to fill that tummy.  

Greeting you as you walk in is a big, beautiful fish tank. It brightens up the whole place. The staff are friendly and attentive. You have the option of a la carte or AYCE. I found that other AYCE restaurants didn't openly give you the option of ordering a la carte, you have to ask for that menu. Here, all of the menus are already on the table. 

The sushi is flavourful and fresh. The tempura is light and crispy. The teriyaki dishes are tangy and tender. Calamari and Sweet & Sour Fish are awesome. You need to eat here. I'm not a huge fan of fusion, but they actually do all three very well.  Going to a fusion restaurant where you can safely and happily order anything off the menu is refreshing!  

I've been there more than once since taking these pictures and I will be back for more! 

Their take out menu even has coupons! 

Go and indulge; your wallet will thank you. 

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