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Cake Frenzy at Symposium

Symposium Café 
338 Rossland Rd E 
Ajax, ON 

Cake, cake, CAKE! Sunday is 2 for 1 cake slices! HELLS YEAH! Know how much I love cake? I've never eaten anything else at this place....until now. I've been to different Symposium locations, but didn't feel it was fair to only blog about one of the many options on their menu! 

Breakfast sounds like a good place to start. It was a busy Sunday afternoon when we arrived. The place was stylin' with leather seats and an ancient Greece type theme. Each one I've been to has the same theme, but they're all beautifully designed including the most important feature...the cake display. 

We didn't make it past the breakfast menu before we had made our selections. I chose the Tuscan Benedict and my mom chose the Mississippi Benedict. The Tuscan had 3 poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce upon spears of asparagus on toasted English muffins smothered in grated smoked gouda. The Mississippi had 3 poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce upon spears of asparagus laying upon thin crab cakes.  

Wow. Just wow. The eggs were perfectly poached and the Hollandaise sauce was rich; not too salty with a hint of sweet. Delish! The smoked gouda made my day! My mom, the seafood queen, was sad the crab cakes were so small, but she still enjoyed the meal. We both polished off all of the breakfast potatoes. Seasoned and addicting! We were both impressed with the quality of the food as well as the presentation.  

It's cake time! You will not be disappointed; they have a cake slice for everyone! When you ask your server for cake, they will take you on a CAKE TOUR! I'm not joking! You are guided to the aforementioned cake display case where they name off each cake and you are free to ask questions about them before making your selection. You know how most restaurants have the same desserts? Well, it looks like you have a new dessert addiction to feed (I know I do!). These are not your average cakes. The variety changes often! 

The cakes pictured are Symposium Fudge Brownie Cheese Cake, Dolce de Leche Cheese Cake, Cookie Dough Cheese Cake and Chocolate Mousse cake. 

This café is one of my favourites, even though it's a chain. It's got a great atmosphere and the quality is there every time. 

It keeps me coming back! 

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