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Vacation Blog! Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba!

Memories Azul Paraiso Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba 

Located 90min from the airport, Memories is a LARGE resort on an island off Cuba. The resort has 2 sides, Azul and Paraiso, connected by paths and the buffet.  

When you arrive the entertainment crew dance and give you drinks to celebrate your arrival. You are ALREADY CHECKED IN. NO lines, NO waiting. On the bus, they give you your room keys and map! BONUS! 

The service was amazing. The entertainment was alright. The resort was clean and the gardening never stopped. The pool could've been cleaner. Shade is always an issue.  
We were in building 41, beside the market. Due to the size of the resort, I recommend requesting a room close to the pool. It is not a good resort if you have mobility issues; there are places you cannot go, like the beach. 

Buffet: Cuba is the kind of place that you need to find a few foods you like and stick to them. We did that and were pretty good for MOST of the trip. All of their cheese is soft and tastes weird; we never got used to it. EAT MANGO! The mango is so fresh. There was always a line when a fresh plate was put out. The omelettes and crepes were excellent. The pizza wasn't bad either. My bf had pasta EVERYDAY. 

If you like an a la carte, make friends with your server. Most are pretty personable and friendly. They will let you know when they are working and invite you to come back. Since we were there in low season, the restaurants weren't busy, so sneaking in an extra a la carte is pretty easy. 


We went to this one twice; the first, just the 2 of us and the second, with the other Canadians we met. We liked this one the best! 

I tried the Minestrone soup, which was essentially vegetable soup. It had a tomato base and mixed vegetables that I had seen at the buffet. It was good, but not minestrone. The crowd favourite was the Fried Mozzarella Cheese. Breaded and deep fried, it was DELICIOUS. the second time around, everyone ordered multiples of this app! 

We originally ordered something else for the second course, but we didn't get it. I'm not sure if our server was being genuine or fishing for tips, but he said he made the soup and that he made this special for us. It was unripe tomatoes with Cuban soft cheese topped with pesto. It was ok.  

For our main courses, we had Memories pasta and Chicken Carbonara. The Memories pasta had shrimp with marinara sauce. It was ok. I found the texture of the shrimp meaty, it's not like the shrimp at home. I'm not sure what they're supposed to be like now. My man said the carbonara had little taste, but at least there was bacon in it....but their bacon isn't like our bacon.  

Dessert was supposed to be tiramisu. We didn't have much luck with cakes in Cuba. It was nothing like tiramisu. It was dry and blah. 


I liked the Mediterranean restaurant, but no one else seemed to. I guess it depends on what you order! I started with the Seafood Crepe. It was covered in their strange cheese and sat in a tomato seafood sauce. Their crepes are very good, but it was a little too fishy. I know what you're thinking. Shush. My man was hurting for beef. He tried a beef dish with chives; it was cold. Their beef is terrible, but he was determined.  

Our main courses were better...for me at least. He tried the beef dish with veggies and mashed potatoes. Not a winner. I, on the other hand, tried the fried fish and it was FANTASTIC. The breading was thin and crispy. The fish was light and flavourful. I wanted to go there again, but no one else did. That fish was so damn good. 

When it comes to dessert, ALWAYS get ice cream. None of the desserts were worth trying. The cakes were blah and the descriptions were terrible. What showed up was never what you expected. 


This was the strangest of them all. You are seated, but you don't get a menu. They take your drink order and bring you food. The first was a few shrimp served with a cream cheese dipping sauce served in a candle holder that had a flower inside it. It was very pretty....and delicious, which is why I don't have a picture. The second course was a potato soup....sadly it was full of flour. Ick.  

Our server then asked us if we wanted beef, chicken or fish. We asked what it was, but he didn't speak very good English. We went with the chicken. What arrived were 2 large, baked chicken breasts with mashed, fried and roasted potatoes. It was cold. We barely ate it. If only it was warm! 

Dessert was ice cream(what I should've got) and flan....which wasn't flan. It was more like tapioca pudding in the shape of a heart. 

What Cuba lacks in food, they make up for in their amazing beaches and their fabulous rum. 

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