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They Don't Call it Pig Out BBQ for Nothing!

Pig Out BBQ 
780 Kingston Rd, Unit 6 
Pickering, ON 
Put on those stretchy pants, you're going to need them. Pig Out BBQ does not hold back. Four of us went there for my Mom's birthday. We seated ourselves and began scouring the menu for meals. The décor was simple and tasteful. We were told to go hungry, very very hungry. 

Upon reading the meaty menu, we decided to share the Pig Out Platter; it said it serves 4. 4 what I don't know, because there was no way we were finishing it. This platter had almost every type of meat they serve! It arrived on 2 large platters; we ended up moving to a table that seats 6 to fit all the food.  

 Everything on the platter had a delicious smokflavour that our server said they smoke all of their meat in-house. All of the meat was so tender, you barely had to chew. This was not a bad thing because by the end, you were so full, chewing was a chore. The ribs were fantastic; tangy and smoky. The brisket could only be moved to your plate with a spoon. It was so tender, it literally melted in your mouth. The pulled pork came in a pile topped with sauteed onions(OMFG) and BBQ sauce. This was probably my favourite meat on the platter. The chicken wings were good, but I'd never had smoked wings before. It was ok. The summer sausage was also fantastically smoked. I stuck with the pork....there may have been some growling, but I did share.... 

The platter came with coleslaw, pickles and 3 sides which turned into 4. We ordered baked beans, sweet potato fries and poutine, but they forgot the poutine and brought fries, so they brought a poutine as well. SO MUCH FOOD. The stars of the many sides were the sweet potato fries and the baked beans. The baked beans were sweet and cooked perfectly. These were the best sweet potato fries I'd ever eaten. We had to wrestle them from my boyfriend. Needless to say, neither of them ended up in the doggy bag.  

This BBQ joint has an easy going atmosphere with great service and melt in your mouth food to match! 

If you're out in Pickering, stop into Pig Out BBQ. You will be back for more! 


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