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Can't Go Wrong at Brothers

Brothers Ristorante 
110 Lupin Drive 
Whitby, Ontario 

THE best Italian restaurant in Durham Region. I know the website says Mediterranean, but it's all Italian to me. I've never had a bad meal and the service is pretty good. Ironically, the longest wait is getting your bill. Making reservations is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It's only open for dinner, so call ahead!  It's got a 'nice' restaurant feel, so I wouldn't wear track pants. Everyone else seems to be dressed up for an occasion of some sort in there every time I'm there!

Their website looks pretty new and there's not much on it. I assure you the menu is fantastic and it has to compete with the weekly specials. Not an easy choice: pasta, meat or pizza; you won't be disappointed. The décor needs an update, but is well taken care of and comfortable. We're not here to talk about seats, are we? NO.  

My step-dad, the resident pizza connoisseur, has never ordered anything else there and he was not disappointeds I ordered Cheese Ravioli in a rose sauce. Mmmmmmm. The giant raviolis were full of goat cheese and there was more than enough sauce to coat each one. My mom went with the salmon special. The fish was flaky and flavourful. It was smothered in a cream sauce and served with seasonal veggies. 

The desserts are the same desserts you can get at most restaurants. They're not made in house. They're as good as you can get anywhere. Usually too full for dessert anyway! 

 This is our go-to for family events and special occasions. Everyone likes it, even the pickiest eaters! Brothers is a great hidden gem. 

Date night is calling! 

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