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Stylin' at Safari

Safari Bar & Grill 
60 Randall Dr 
Ajax, ON 

One sunny, hungry afternoon, my mother and I headed to Safari. The entrance doesn't look like much, but once you pass by the big yellow doors, you are pleasantly surprised. It's modern and beautiful; somewhere anyone would feel comfortable. The patio is trendy and begs for a party. I almost felt underdressed! 

They have a decent selection of beer and their menu is intriguing. I tried the Tilapia Tacos with fries and my mom ordered the Reuben with sweet potato fries. Both fries were amazing, crunchy and addictive, but the rest of the meal fell short. The Reuben sandwich had very little meat and the fish in the fish taco was heavily battered with barely any fish. The taco also had crunchy coleslaw with a jalapeno havarti and ancho chilli aioli in it and it was awesome! So close! 

The service was great and well timed, it's too bad the food wasn't better. The menu looks great, but I shouldn't have let expectations get so high. It has so much potential! 

Maybe the nightlife is better, 

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