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Fight Night at Willie Stout's! RAWR!

Willie Stout's 
2175 Sheppard Ave E 
Toronto, ON 
M2J 5B8 
(416) 499-0383 

My Dad and I headed to his old favouriteWillie Stout's, formerly Phoenix & Firkin, to watch the Mayweather/Canelo fight. The décor was dated, deep red carpet with deep red upholstery to match. Comfortable and old school. 

My Dad ordered the Ribs/Wings/Fries/Veggie combo and I got the Guacamole Bacon Angus Burger. The fries were nothing special, but the food was faaaaabulous. The ribs were flavourful and juicy. I couldn't even steal a wing from my own Dad they were so good 

My burger had all of the major food groups: spice, cheese, veggies, bacon, and beef. Our super awesome server, Bonnie, admitted it was her favourite, so I was excited to give it a shot. It delivered. The guac was fresh and had the yummy spice I'm growing to love. The bacon was crispy and burger was tasty. The guac definitely overshadowed the Monterey Jack. It didn't really even need cheese. 

As I mentioned, we had a super awesome server, Bonnie, AND it was fight night. She was amazing. She kept everyone happy and hydrated. Not ordering beer? She still kept your water topped up! 

There was no shortage of TVs to watch the fight on plus a projector. The only complaint is that the audio was terrible. You couldn't understand what the commentators were saying. The audio was coming from each individual TV! AAAHH!! 

All in all, a good night. Good food and good company. 


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