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You've Been Strummed

So, I'm on Twitter one day and I receive a message that @strumapp is now following me. Hmmm. What's this? The Customer Instrument? A few clickety clicks later, I find out it's a free iPhone app similar to one I used a few years ago. So, you check in when you're at a store..leave a note about it..big deal...right? 

I download it and start looking around. How good could it beThe comments you leave actually make it back to the owner? No way! I head to the gym and check in....and I received points? Points?? For what?? 

Wait, wait, WAIT. All similarities just went out the window. This is not your average 'check in and show people where you're at' app. Not only do business owners see what you have to say, but you can WIN STUFF! You read it correctly and yes, this app is FREE.  

There are auctions and polls, all of which you can win prizes, big or small! I've managed to win a few giftcards myself! You win REAL prizes, not a 20% off coupon and these auctions are not impossible to win. They can start any time! Save up those points and bid, bid, bid!! Didn't win the auction? Don't fret, you get your points back! 

There are 2 things I'd like to see in future versions of this app.  

  1. A way to sort locations. I'd love to be able to sort or filter what's around me. Even if the Discover tab was in order of what's closest to me to furthest, I'd probably be a little giddy. I'm a foodie! I don't care where the dry cleaners are! 
  2. The points of interest need to be updated. In my area, there are a lot of spots that are no longer in business, but still show up....along with whatever replaced it. Perhaps a way for me to flag it as out of business?

Other than those things, I'm pretty happy with it. The people behind the app are very friendly and helpful. They really want the app users to enjoy it and keep using it, I know I will. I've had a great experience so far and encourage you to try it! What have you got to lose?? 

It's nice to be able to let a business know how well or not so well they're doing without the awkward face to face.

Don't worry Android peeps, it's coming!!! 
For more info, check out their website. http://www.strumapp.com

Strum you later! 
(I hope that didn't sound dirty) 

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