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The Danforth Delivers

I've always wanted to go to this event. I'd see it on TV every year and now I finally got to go! We arrived right at noon on Saturday, as per advice from my aunt. Not many people had shown up yet, so my cousin and I got a chance to look around. Besides the food, there were multiple stages showing off a variety of talents, from brass bands to dancers to sings each with its own unique sound. It was great! There was also many free samples, contests and activities throughout the whole festival.  

Not to mention the Guinness Record attempts! The goal was to beat the records for largest Zorba dance, largest yogourt bowl and last year's attendance record. At least the Zorba dancing made me feel less guilty about how much food I ate. :D 

When I see a sign that says 'Serving the Best Calamari on the Danforth for the Past 17 Years,' I consider that a challenge. It was still early, but it had the longest line going. SO worth it. The lightly battered, tender pieces of squid were delicious. I'm not surprised they've been called the best. They offered a few dipping sauces ranging from hot sauces to plum. They've definitely set the bar high! 

Onto the classics, souvlaki and gyro....on a pita of course! The pita bread was fresh and warm. Bread is my weakness and I crave more! The souvlaki was juicy and grilled right in front of you. Being a popular choice, grills were always covered, end to end, with skewers of chicken and pork. The gyro was pre-sliced and kept in its own juices. It was tender and spiced perfectly; not too salty, just the way I like it. The tzatziki was rich and creamy. I could eat tzatziki on EVERYTHING. The sauce I had here was the real deal. Nom Nom Nom. 

This is a family friendly festival that brings people from all over to the Danforth. It's a great opportunity to sample food from restaurants you normally might never visit. I'm a huge fan of supporting Mom & Pop businesses, so this was right up my alley. I was not only impressed with the turn out, but impressed by how seamlessly it went.  

I can't wait to go back next year! 


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