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Beer Blog - Ontario Sampler!

Hello fellow beerfriends,

I've been at it again! This time I tried 3 very different brews from Ontario. I still haven't asked for a beer rating system. Ugh. It doesn't change the ratings, it just makes them look prettier. :D

5 Paddles Brewing - Italian Backyard 
Origin: Whitby, Ontario 
Brand new brewery in Whitby and I was lucky enough to try a basil beer called 'Italian Backyard.' It had a light amber colour and sweet aroma. It was a smooth drink with hints of basil. I was definitely worried it was going to be overpowering, but it was perfect. This is definitely a brewery I want to see more of! 


Lake of Bays Rock Cut Lager 
Origin: Baysville, Ontario 
This beer is dangerous. I could drink a lot of this. The sweet aroma leads to a smooth, smooth beer. Malt and fruit are the flavours that drive this brew, but the taste is not as sweet as the smell. A drinkable, clean taste with a short, but pleasant, aftertaste.  


Amsterdam Brewery Framboise Wheat Beer 
Origin: Toronto, Ontario 
My boyfriend saw the bottle and immediately thought 'chick beer.' Tsk tsk. Shouldn't jump to conclusions! It smells of raspberries and malt, but is not overwhelming, nice pink froth and ruby red colouring. The flavour was reminiscent of tart cider, not apples, but the beer/raspberry flavour ratio. It was pleasant to drink and not too sweet. We both enjoyed it


Get your drink on,


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