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You've Been Strummed

So, I'm on Twitter one day and I receive a message that@strumapp is now following me. Hmmm. What's this? The Customer Instrument? A few clickety clicks later, I find out it's a free iPhone app similar to one I used a few years ago. So, you check in when you're at a store..leave a note about it..big deal...right?
I download it and start looking around. How good could it be?

Beer Blog - Ontario Sampler!

Hello fellow beerfriends,

I've been at it again! This time I tried 3 very different brews from Ontario. I still haven't asked for a beer rating system. Ugh. It doesn't change the ratings, it just makes them look prettier. :D

5 Paddles Brewing - Italian Backyard Origin: Whitby, Ontario Brand new brewery in Whitby and I was lucky enough to try a basil beer called 'Italian Backyard.' It had a light amber