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Talk Corny To Me

'Tis the season of corn on the cob! I look forward to this every year. The fresh corn...the dash of salt....and oodles of butter. Mmmmm

My problem is that it takes too long to clean and waaaay too long to cook.  

I microwave it. 

You heard me. Before you start yelling BLASPHEMY, don't knock it until you've tried it! My grandfather found this in the newspaper eons ago. 
Here's how you do it. 

You start with a sexy cob of corn hiding in its sexy husk. Peel off a FEW leaves, the looser ones, the darker green leaves.  

Then peel each layer back. DO NOT REMOVE THE HUSK. Remove all of the hair and put the husk back where it belongs. Can't have you flashing that corn all over the place before its good and ready. Geez. 

Wrap that sexy cob in a paper towel and place in the microwave. 

After 3 minutes on high, it's done! 

Use an oven mitt or tongs to remove from the microwave. It's freakin hot! 

This is where things get tricky....if you're not using a utensil of some sort. I usually hold the end of the cob with the oven mitt and then, while burning myself, peeling each layer back, blowing on them to cool before finally removing it from the cob. 

I don't recommend this method, but the corn makes me do it. I'm usually so hungry at that point (3 minutes is clearly an eternity) that common sense eludes me.  

That's it! Slap some butter and salt on that baby and it's ready to go! 

So quick and easy, it doesn't even count as cooking! This is how you make a single corn on the cob. Add 1 minute of cooking time for each additional cob. 

Enjoy it while it's in season!  
Nuke away! 

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