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My Birthday at Odine

269 Kingstone Road East 
Ajax, ON 
L1Z 1E9 

Dress code? No 
Reservations? Large Groups 
Chain or Independent? Indy 
Price: $$ 

It's my birthday and in an attempt to please everyone at dinner I chose a restaurant with a HUGE menu. It has Thai, Chinese and Japanese food. I realize I've complained about fusion before, but I was hoping I could find one that would restore my faith in fusion restaurants. 

I chose Odine. It has an extensive menu, so I knew everyone would find something they liked. It was a bright, beautifully decorated venue with lots of windows and comfortable seating. The menu is huge. Luckily, a few of us had checked it out online to narrow down the choices. For others, it took easily 10 minutes to get through it; a downside to a large menu. 

Being the indecisive, birthday girl that I am, I went with a Bento box. Dumplings, sushi, chicken teriyaki AND tempura? How could I go wrong? It was fantastic. The California rolls were very fresh and better than any AYCE California roll I've had. The dumplings were meaty and delicious. I couldn't finish all of the tempura, 2 shrimp and 4 veggie. The chicken teriyaki was meaty with broccoli, carrots, bean sprouts and lots of sauce. 

Everyone enjoyed their meals, except my boyfriend. He ordered the Ginger Beef, but he didn't expect there to be so much actual ginger in it. He spent the first 5 minutes picking it all out. It was a little too potent. Everyone else enjoyed their Mango Chicken, Thai Spicy Noodles with Beef, Yellow Curry Chicken and Maki meals. 

The servers are very attentive and polite. All of the food arrive hot and at the same time. 

I'd absolutely go back. I'd love to try more on the menu!


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