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Wing Night at Magwyer's

Magwyer's Pub 
105 Bayly St W 
Ajax, ON 
L1S 7K7 

Reservations? Come Early!  
Dress Code? Clothing Not Optional 
Chain? One and Only 
Price? $ 

So, my man and his friends have been going to this little place for awhile now. All I've heard is good things about the food, service and atmosphere. They would all go every Thursday for their Pint and a Pound Special for around $10. After hearing about how awesome this place is, I thought it was my turn to crash the boys' party and see what this place is all about. 

It's in the middle of a plaza. I didn't really notice it until I got out of the car. It's got your typical sports pub décor, a few TVs and wooden everything. It's a small place and it gets PACKED. I've been there twice now, one late night for Pint and a Pound Thursdays and one dinner for 59 cent Wings Tuesday. These specials are not on their website, so if the price/day is wrong, please let me know! 

The wings are freakin huge and meaty. They have a good variety of sauces and seasonings that aim to please. The staff is small, but efficient. The service is great; friendly and laid back. Most importantly, the wings are ALWAYS good. I've never had anything else on the menu. I simply cannot pass up the wings.  

Can't wait to go again, 


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