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Oshawa Does Deli

Yes, vegetarians and vegans alike, it's that time again. Avert your eyes! There is nothing veggie about this blog. This is where I drop in on Mom & Pop Delis and see what sandwiches they're serving up! 

I'm already seeing some unfairness here, but keep in mind the PRICE of each sandwich when you look at the pictures! 

Victim #1 
Teddy's Restaurant & Deli 
245 King Street West 
Oshawa, ON 

I decided to tackle the Poor Boy sandwich, corned beef, roast beef and pastrami for $7.15. You have the option of fresh rye bread or a giant Kaiser roll. If you know Teddy's, you know that few people can take a safe bite of these sandwiches. It's a meal! I've had many of their sandwiches and they're all like this. I can almost finish one. They are very consistent and always delicious. 

If you're going to Teddy's, you better be hungry!! 

Teddy's Restaurant & Deli on Urbanspoon

Victim #2 
Taunton Bakery 
133 Taunton Road West 
Oshawa, ON 
L1G 3T4 

This is a dangerous place. The smell of fresh bread will suck you in! The dessert case is so tempting! Keep focused! I ordered a Chicken & Cheese sandwich, $3.49. You have 5 cheeses to choose from and you get to pick your own bun. I went with a Calabrese roll and Havarti cheese. The bread and toppings were very fresh and the chicken was juicy and flavourful. They went a little skimpy on the meat, but I guess the low price made it worth it. I was still kinda hungry after, not gonna lie. I don't think I'd get another sandwich here. 

Taunton Bakery on Urbanspoon

Victim #3 
Ann's Delicatessen 
650 King St E (in the plaza with the Beer Store) 
Oshawa, ON 
L1H 1G5 

Ok, I grew up in Ann's neighborhood. So, I've eaten here a LOT. The perogies, cabbage rolls, shishkabobs are ALL to die for. Homemade comfort food. What else do you need??!!  

Oh wait, we're not here for the comfort food, we're here for the deli sandwiches. For bread options, there was white, whole wheat, Kaiser roll, cheese or onion bun. I went with the onion bun and I'm glad I did. My Black Forest Ham sandwich ($5) was piled high with some pickles on the side. The bun was super fresh and ham was DELICIOUS. I've seen many people drop in for lunch and I'm glad I did. I'm a huge fan of Ann's and I hope you will be too. 

Ann's Delicatessen on Urbanspoon

Got an Oshawa deli I should visit? 
Let me know! Can't wait! 

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