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Pasta Tu..ummm....PTG. - Closed

Pasta Tutti Giorni 
259 Kingston Road East 
Ajax, ON 

Chain? Si 
Dresscode? Nu-uh 
Reservations? Nu-uh 
Price? $$ 

The name of this place drives me crazy!! The day after my visit, I went to upload my pictures.....but I couldn't remember the name. I named the folder 'Fruitti'. I had to check Urbanspoon to find out the name. 

Once you get past the name, it's relatively smooth sailing. The server was agonizingly awkward. The service itself was nothing to complain about, it was always badly timed. A long with bad timing, the food seemed to take forever. He kept coming back to reassure us, but we knew, and he knew, it was futile. It was going to be awhile. The restaurant was only half full, so this worried me.

Now to the food. There was no talking over dinner. We were starving and the food was tasty. I got the Veal Scaloppini and my friend, the picky eater, went with Chicken Parmesan. The portions were perfect. We both cleaned our plates. The tomato sauce was sweet and reminded me of homemade. The scaloppini was tender and the sauce was plentiful. My friend loved the chicken parm, the picky eater was won over. Sadly, we didn't have time for dessert. Boooo.


I feel like I'd need to have a few more visits to really get the true essence of PTG. My first impression was a little shaky. The wait for food, even though the restaurant wasn't packed, plus the painfully awkward server left me a little unsettled. 

I would try it again! 

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