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Get Away to The Getaway at Picov Downs

The Getaway Restaurant at Picov Downs 
50 Alexander's Crossing 
Ajax, Ontario 
1-866-445-3939 ext. 4505 

Dress code? Not really 
Reservations? Not really 
Chain? Not really, it's in a casino. 
Price? $$ 

First off, I'm going to be honest. I forgot about these pictures. The Getaway does not have an online menu and I can't remember the exact names of these dishes, so bare with me. 

So, we're hungry, bored and don't know what to do. Food and entertainment in one place? Sold! First stop, the Getaway Restaurant at Picov Downs. It is bright and open with no walls to separate itself from the rest of the establishment. 

My parents have been here a few times and assured me the food was good. We started with Bruschetta. Fresh bread with a layer of cheese covered in diced tomatoes and onions. It's a pet peeve of mine that appetizers never have the correct amount of pieces for the amount of people at your table. It's so awkward. 

I ordered the Chicken Souvlaki. Salad was good, tzaziki was good. It was good, not great, but good. My step-dad orders the Philly Cheesesteak everytime. It's that good. My mom ordered the Reuben sandwich on rye with sweet potato fries. Again, it was good, not great. The sweet potato fries were, however, AMAZING. You've got to try them. I've had them since these pictures and I will have them again....and again. 

The service is always great. The food is fresh. Not to mention, it's located at a casino! Bonus! Food and entertainment all in one place.  

Go and have a great time, 

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