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Angie's in St. Agatha's

Angie's Country Kitchen 
1761 Erb Street West 
St. Agatha, Ontario 

Dress code? Keep it casual 
Reservations? No, keep it casual 
Chain? Indy 
Price? $$ 

West of Waterloo lies Angie's, a family friendly restaurant that you can't help feel comfortable in. With the wooden floors and fabric covered chairs, you feel right at home. I'm glad I looked at the website before leaving or I would've driven right by. Instead of fumbling through a menu, we went on buffet night to get a taste of everything. So, these are buffet plates of the food I tried, not plates I ordered, so please excuse that they are less than pretty. 

 As you can see, I tried to hit the salad bar. Salad made an appearance on my plate, but what I really wanted to try was their famous Rolled Rib. When a restaurant is known for a dish, you expect it to live upto those expectations....sadly, this didn't. It was so dry, I couldn't finish it. The stuffing was alright, but no one enjoyed the rib.  

Plate #2 consisted of vegetables au gratin, spicy vegetarian lasagna and a cabbage roll. The veggies were good. I find it hard to eat a cabbage roll that is as delicious as my grandma's, so all I can say, is that it wasn't as good as hers. They didn't serve one kind of lasagna. Every time they replaced the tray, it was a different kind. The spicy vegetable variety was more spicy than vegetable. My friends had the meat lasagna and loved it.  

The dessert table was small, but full of sweetness. I chose apple crisp, chocolate cake and a mocha cake. The cakes were moist and fresh. The apple crisp looked and tasted homemade. It was even kept warm on the table. 

Want comfort food? Go to Angie's. The warm service and comfort food make it worth driving to St. Agatha's.  

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