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The Tycoon Has Arrived

Greek Tycoon 
1101 Brock Street South 
Whitby, Ontario 

Chain? Not a chance 
Dress code? Not a chance 
Reservations? Never needed em 
Price? $$ 

Tucked away in South Whitby lies the Greek Tycoon. A restaurant with a family atmosphere and family sized portions. A classic décor leads to classic Greek dishes and new favourites. 

I've been here a few times and I keep going back to try something new. The best part is that you really can't go wrong. The only advice I can give is to stick to Greek food. It's what they do best.  

We all know and love Souvlaki, but to be honest....I've never had it here. I've had my fair share, so I thought I'd try everything else the Greeks have to offer. This time I tried the Pasta Medallions. It was ok. I wouldn't try it again. The sauce and pasta was plain. There's so many choices on the menu, I wished I had picked a Greek dish. 

My mom ordered the Exohico. It's HUGE. She ate until she couldn't eat anymore and it looked like she hadn't touched it. Under the phyllo crust, lay seasoned lamb and a slew of roasted vegetables. The leftovers lasted 3 meals!!  

My favourite dish, that I never manage to get a picture of, is the Tycoon Chicken. It is a large, tender chicken breast stuffed with spinach and cheese smothered in a cream sauce. I never finish it, but it is AMAZING. 

Service is always good. The food is always good. Prices are great. 

Can't wait to go back again! 

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