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Borealis For All!

Borealis Grillhouse & Pub 
4336 King Street East 
Kitchener, Ontario 
Dress code? Organic? Can you wear that in public? 
Price? $$$ 
Reservations? Big groups 
Chain? Yes. 

Borealis is one of those restaurants you feel good about eating at. Not only is the food organic, but it's grown locally. Oh and it's DELICIOUS. Did I mention it's also vegan friendly? Non-GMO anybody? Gluten free friendly too? AND environmentally friendly?! 

Intrigued? Excellent. 

Don't be scared by the décor. It looks as rich as the food tastes! The servers are very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu; they answered a variety of questions my hungry friends threw at them about the origins of the ingredients. It made me feel very comfortable in what I was ordering. Being in close proximity of the St. Jacob's Market, you know what they have is good. 

I ordered the Herb Roasted Chicken. Wow. Just wow. The chicken moist and tender. The vegetables were grilled and crisp. They use vegetables that are in season which makes everything taste better since it wasn't grown in a greenhouse or shipped for days. 

That wasn't all I consumed on this visit. Being in an especially large group, they served appetizers, Panko Crusted Goat Cheese, Garlic Bread, Flatbread, Organic Nachos(Heaven!!), Warm Spinach Chevre Dip and Veggie Samosas. I tasted each of these after I polished off that chicken. I have no shame! 

Those nachos were the best I've ever had. They were amazing right down to the nacho chips. They're so good, you can buy bags of them on your way out! The breads were fresh and the goat cheese was fantastic. The veggie samosas were ok, not as much flavour as I would've expected. 

I'm not done. Beer. I had a hard enough time trying to pick my entrée and now I have to pick beer?? My love for wheat beer lead me to McAusian Apricot Wheat. I think I'm in love! Many of the selections are from local breweries, like Waterloo and Guelph. It's amazing what you can find locally! 

Even though I didn't love the veggie samosas, I give Borealis kudos for supporting local farmers, markets and breweries. We need more restaurants like this one! We also need more parent companies like this one. The Neighborhood Group owns this fine establishment and actively work towards a zero carbon footprint. Their restaurants even have Thermal Solar Panels for hot water! 

The more I read, the more I'm impressed.....and hungry, 

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